Why Small Groups?

Let’s face it. Most members of the body of Christ will NOT be exercising their God-given spiritual gifts during the morning worship service. Nor are all aspects of Christian community easy to pack into an hour and a half service on Sunday. Fellowship is unlikely to happen in the lobby. Intimate accountability is awkward from the pulpit. Compassion ministry is hard to do from the pews. How could we expect to cram Christian living and Church community life into two hours of the week?

This is why Christians who only attend church on Sunday are limping along in their walk with Christ. There is so much more to be had. Christ has given us so much more in the church. This is why we need small groups. The following are the three priorities of small groups at Harvest Ventura.


The intimate environment of a meeting between 10 to 12 believers is the fertile ground from which growth can occur. This is where the truth taught on Sunday can infiltrate the heart and mind to change the life. Group meetings are normally two hours and include time for discussion of the previous sermon, accountability, and prayer, so that your life would be transformed.


True Christian fellowship is often misunderstood and frequently misidentified. Fellowship is not a spiritual luxury but a biblical necessity. All who claim to have fellowship with the Father through Christ manifest that relationship through fellowship in the church. For believers, it is Christ Himself that we share in common, he is the basis for any real fellowship that exists between us. Small groups are where true Christian fellowship is cultivated. This is where God uses other believers in our lives for mutual sharpening and edification for his glory.


Small groups is the best opportunity for you to show love and compassion for other believers. It is also the best place for you to go to be loved and cared for. Small groups take care of each other. They help one another through the dark valleys of life, during times of need and various trials of life. When a tragedy strikes, small groups if Harvest’s first line of defense against discouragement, hopelessness and joyless Christian living.

This is why everything at Harvest Ventura will be centered around small groups, so that you will change, connect and care. We are not a church with small groups, we are a church of small groups. Small groups are not “just another program” at Harvest. They are the main channel for discipleship, equipping, and care for every member of the body of Christ. What has God provided for in small groups that you are missing out on?

To the praise of His glory

Pastor Brent


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