The Perfect Church-Planter

The Harvest Training Center

The Lord is building His church! I praise God for the blessing of training with 13 other godly men who Harvest is sending to plant churches in the States, Canada, and across the world. It is a privilege to train along-side men who have a passion for the gospel and who share my longing to see the gospel change lives. I am excited to see what the Lord does through the lives of these men during the years ahead. These men are examples to me of the kind of church planter I want to be and what every planter/pastor must be:

A Man of Prayer

Men who are prayerful understand that unless the Lord builds the house, the laborers labor in vain (Psalm 127:1). They are constantly on their knees in dependence on the Father to lead, guide, and provide. You should hear these men pray. They cry out to the Lord to show His glory in the church. They desperately besiege the throne of Grace for one another in need. I want to be like Bobby Greenwood, who believes in the power of prayer and boldly asked men to pray for God to intercede.

A Man of Faith

Men of faith trust that God will supply all their needs (2 Pet. 1:3) and that He is faithful to fulfill his purposes through His people. They are faithful, obedient, and diligent to do all that God has put before them. I want to believe like Matt Mendenhall, who is trusting in the Lord through the sickness of his own son. I have watched him wrestle with God and yield to His control and goodness at work in his life. This same man will be trusting God even further as he steps out to plant Harvest Huntsville, Al.

A Man of Humility

Men of humility know that God is not dependent on man to accomplish His purposes, nor can any man thwart His plans. He stands in awe of God’s holy character and stands in utter dependence of Christ Jesus. I want to be like Jason Matta and Ryan Jorgeson, who are constantly aware of their dependence upon His grace. These men give Him credit for everything good and leave nothing to boast of in themselves.

All 13 of these men are being used by God to sharpen men. And I have the privilege of fellowshipping with all these men who exemplify these three qualities. These men, I believe God is going to use to expand the gospel of Jesus Christ as they serve in obedience to the great commission to “go, make disciples of all nations.” Thank you for your prayers for me, and the others in training with me as we seek to be faithful to our great and mighty God’s calling on our lives to preach the Word.

I had the privilege of sharing a great moment with these men last Tuesday night. We got to celebrate the revealing of our baby’s gender with the other families in the training center… here’s the video below

Praise God for another BOY!

to the praise of His glory

Brent Hisayasu


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