God is the Unsurpassable Gift

I had the privilege to preach at Harvest Palos this Sunday. I picked Psalm 145 to preach on the truths that motivate us to an eternity of worshiping God. This text was close to me this last two weeks, considering my wife’s pregnancy. My wife quoted this Psalm in her blog post news update and I was rebuked and challenged by David’s resolve to give God great praise no matter the circumstances.

I was particularly challenged to be reminded that God’s goodness is not most seen when he gives us the good things that we want. His goodness is most seen when he triumphs over the evils that happen in our lives by giving us Himself. God is the ultimate good gift given.

Here is the sermon audio. I pray that you are resolved to worship God for His goodness as I was.


One thought on “God is the Unsurpassable Gift

  1. This sermon was SUCH a blessing to me! Thank you for your honesty and for your encouragement to be thankful for the great gift of God’s nearness.

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