Running the Numbers

I like to think of myself as a numbers guy. I calculate odds, figure out probabilities and make decisions based upon most likely outcomes. I run numbers. Today, we went to the doctor’s office and got an ultrasound to update us on the baby’s condition. Here are the numbers which are encouraging us.

We know that God is 100% in control. Nothing happens, nothing exists in the past, present or future apart from God’s intention. No matter the situation on Earth, God remains on the Throne in Heaven and He is the true sovereign one. Earthly predicaments and problems are of no worry for the Heavenly King will always reign.

We know that God is 100% good. He shows his goodness to all people in ways that they do not deserve. He shows all of His goodness to some people in His Son Jesus Christ. God’s goodness is not most seen when He gives us the good things that we want. His goodness is most seen when He triumphs over the evils that happen in our lives by giving us Himself.

Other than that, the doctor said the baby symptoms have improved. The cysts are gone, kidneys less swollen and the brain is approaching normal measurements. Because these are merely symptoms indicating the potential of a genetic disorder, this means that the probabilities of Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18, and Downs Syndrome are lessened.

In the end, we will not know if the boy in my wife’s womb has a genetic disorder until he has been born. This means more waiting on the Lord, not to see IF He will be good but to see which of the many ways He will show His infinite goodness to us. Even now His goodness is being shown through the comfort and peace He has given us these last few weeks and through all of you who have been such an encouragement to us.

Please continue to pray for the healthy growth of our son and for his parents who are so eager for him to love the Lord.

To the praise of His Glory


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