Getting to Know You

To my dear sweet baby boy,

Big brothers
Big brothers

I have loved you since the day I knew you were mine, and ever since I first felt you move I have been getting to know you. I have studied your sleep-habits and your preferences on my positions. I love the way you have always protested certain positions by thrusting your little body around. In the past few months I have learned that you like loud music, particularly when your big brothers and mama sing along to silly children’s songs. That almost always makes you dance. In the past few weeks I have learned that you are a “morning person.” You consistently wake me up at 4 in the morning, surprising me with your sharp movements on the right side of my growing tummy. I love to feel you stretch and move after a deep night’s sleep. And over the past few days Titus has loved it when you poke him back after he shoves his face into my belly button shouting “hello baby!!!” Thanks for making him giggle so much.

We love you so much, and we talk about you all the time. Your big brothers have begun to regularly ask you, through my tummy, to “wake up” and to “come out.” You don’t know it yet, but they love bringing their favorite cars and setting them on my tummy for you to play with. They want to play with you so badly. So does you daddy and mommy.

We thank Jesus every day that you are our son and that you are a part of our family. We are hopeful for your future because we know that God is good and that He has your life in His hands. No matter how many dreams we have for your future, we know that God’s plans for you are way better. We are so glad to have  you here with us, and we are enjoying every moment that you are a part of this family.

So keep on kicking little boy and keep on growing. Every day that passes brings you one day closer to our hugs. Can’t wait to meet you.
your Mama


5 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. Praising God for His goodness and the life of baby boy Hisayasu #3. Isn’t it amazing how our children bring us even closer to our Lord Jesus Christ? Heard of some of your Christmas excitement and the wonderful ways God is answering prayers for church Ventura!!(Gramma Charlene could hardly contain her joy in relaying answered prayers to me). Will continue to pray for your travels and time in Arizona.
    Love from
    Carrie Hilliger

  2. Bekah
    I love to hear your heart. What a privilege and blessing to be able to have children. Your such an awesome momma. Praying for your next appointment and ultrasound.
    ~Holly Jorgenson

  3. You two look so very good. My soon to be new great grandson shines thru
    your eyes, sparkling personality, and joyous attitude. Am so grateful for
    the time I got to spend with the whole family. Am so very proud of your
    family and plans of upcoming church.

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