A Date Worth Celebrating

I had the flu again on Saturday (second time during this pregnancy). I always get worried about nutrition for my littlest darling when I’m not able to keep any food down, but he did not change from his normal activity nor did he miss any opportunity to remind me that he is energetic and well. He almost seemed happy to have some reaction from me during his mid-night gymnastics. Normally I try to ignore the little rolls and squirms in the middle of the night, but this weekend I was happy to have some company while I was waking so frequently due to not feeling well.

Over the past week or two he has increased his movements tremendously. My little basketball-belly is a constant circus of movement and activity. There is no question in my mind; he is all boy. This little guy is five times more active than the twins ever were (perhaps because the twins didn’t have as much room to roll around). It makes me wonder what he’ll be like in person.

I am as eager to meet my little boy as I could possibly be. Though there’s a lot I need to get done with our move to Ventura less than two weeks away, I am eagerly anticipating meeting this dear little life that I’ve been carrying, dreaming about, and praying for the past 32 weeks. I can’t imagine the past 32 weeks without him, and I can’t picture our family’s future not including him. He is already our son, and he is dearly loved.

Which is why today is so sad.  Nothing has changed with our little boy. He is as alive as ever. I am sad because today marks the 40th anniversary of when the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide in our country. Forty years ago today, a decision was made that did not better the quality of women’s lives across America, it made it legal to destroy millions of children’s lives. Forty years ago the decision to kill our sons and our daughter was made widely available to anyone who wanted it. Not only has this Supreme Court ruling made abortion available, but abortion is even recommended to any and all who have fears, second thoughts, or feelings that their baby’s life begun at an inopportune time. I still remember my doctor in Illinois explaining the concerns she saw on my little boy’s ultrasound just over 3 months ago. The two word that still hauntingly ring in my memory that she presented as one of our options was “termination of pregnancy.”

She made killing my son sound so simple; like getting a freckle removed, or taking antibiotics. That ruling that occurred 40 years ago has made it simple. The ruling of Roe vs. Wade has removed all hindrances and holdouts to countless mothers making the decision to terminate pregnancy. But it makes me wonder about all the precious little lives these moms have missed the privilege of meeting, loving, and watching grow old. It makes me cry to think about all the little miracles that the medical field branded “abnormal,” just like my little boy, and killed under the banner “quality of life.”

I will never cease to grieve the loss of these children. Nor will I ever cease to desire my little boy regardless of how “abnormal” he may be.

Today is the 40th anniversary of the greatest tragedy in our nation. My heart weeps over our nation’s losses, and even more, over the manner in which some celebrate this as an anniversary of “freedom.” For my family today marks a very different celebration. Today we celebrate the anniversary of my little boy’s 32nd week of life. Join us today in praising God for the lives of our children and for the privilege we have from God in being parents


2 thoughts on “A Date Worth Celebrating

  1. Praying for God’s blessings be upon your little boy and that any abnormalacies be the type that will allow him to live within your family for a lifetime of happiness and that his life will be a long one. If ever a child with any issues will experience a beautiful love your son will be the one. I, like you, could never imagine terminating my child’s life. With God in charge he makes decisions on what we can handle and how he wishes to have us live our lives , no matter how stressful or scary it might be. Children bring joy in so many ways to us and I am so happy that you have given this little one a chance to bring his own special touch to our world.
    I will continue to pray for a miracle through our Lord, but should he choose to further challange you and your family I know you all have so much faith that he will prosper through yours and your family’s love. Time is getting near and you will be able to grasp that fiesty little hand and gaze upon your gift of life for as long as God wills. By his movements he sounds like he is ready to enter our world and see all that there is waiting for him. Blessings, Margaret Gorman
    (I have been a friend of Charlene for many years through DT and your story has moved me tremendously)

  2. Bekah, thank you for sharing. Your godly perspective has been such a blessing to me. God bless you and your sweet family! Love, Emily

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