They Were Meant to Live for so Much More

Every day I’m reminded that my darling little Micah is a miracle from God. And half-way around the world, my dear friend Molly Yuvaraj is reminded of the same thing 19 times over again. This beautiful friend of mine and her husband Paul are the adopted parents of 19 precious little girls. These 19 girls were un-wanted by their families and left to die simply because they were little girls.
But God rescued them. And now these 19 little lives are loved and cared for by two of the most faithful and humble Christians I know.
Here’s a peek into their life.

Not only are Paul and Molly the parents of 3 sons and 19 adopted daughters, but they are also hard at work planting Harvest Bible Chapel Chennai, India. As if they were not busy enough, the Lord has gifted and burdened Paul with the desire to reach India with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul & Molly understand a very important thing; the only way to rescue India from the tragedies that grip their nation is to reach the people with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please be praying for Paul & Molly and ministry of their lives

Pray for them to be encouraged, strengthened, and steadfast in the faith

Pray for their children to embrace Jesus Christ and replicate the faith of Paul & Molly

Pray for an open door to the gospel in Chennai and for protection from persecution


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