Our 4 Month Miracle

DSCN4942Today we celebrate Micah’s 4 month birthday. Today we remember just how blessed we are to have him giggling, smiling, and interacting just as any 4 month old should. He is our darling 20 pound tub of joy and cuddles. And even now, we can’t stop rejoicing over how the Lord brought him to us. With all the threats of a genetic disorder in utero, all that remains today is one inflamed kidney.

We had an appointment with another urologist yesterday to discuss the inflammation on Micah’s kidney, and since it h

ad been over a month since his last ultrasound, I was anxious to see how concerned the doctor’s was.

3 boys

What we learned was that Micah’s kidney is growing and changing so much at this point in his young life, that the doctor has high hopes for natural [God] correction. The fact that Micah has not had any urinary tract infections or high fevers of any kind indicates that his kidney function is good (even if not perfect yet). The doctor had done his due-diligence in studying Micah’s charts and was familiar with all the details of his development and was very confident that he is on the path to complete health. He just wants to follow-up in 6 months just to make sure that his progress continues. This was such great news!



Thank you all for your prayers on Micah’s behalf and for all your encouragement along the way. We cherish Micah’s gift of health, and we thank God for the blessing of being his parents. He is a darling little boy who has brought so much joy into our home in the past 4 months that we can’t imagine our family without him. Happy birthday sweet son!



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