Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

You are invited to the very first Sunday morning worship service of Harvest Bible Chapel Ventura THIS Sunday – September 29th at 10:30 AM   @ 96 MacMillian Ave. Ventura, CA

  • We are excited about God and His Word and how it will impact Ventura County.
  • We are blessed by the people God has already brought together who love the Lord and are excited to serve and lead Harvest Ventura, and we are eager to see if our church may become a church home for YOU and your family
  • And we are thankful for the wonderful facility and equipment the Lord has abundantly provided for this church to launch effectively.

Join us as we lift high the name of Jesus Christ through corporate music worship and as we gather together and are encouraged, challenged, and sharpened by the preaching of God’s Word. We are offering a full Children’s Ministry Program for your kids  from birth – 5th grade, that they too may worship Jesus and learn about the goodness of our Savior from the Bible. We hope to see you there


Our 4 Month Miracle

DSCN4942Today we celebrate Micah’s 4 month birthday. Today we remember just how blessed we are to have him giggling, smiling, and interacting just as any 4 month old should. He is our darling 20 pound tub of joy and cuddles. And even now, we can’t stop rejoicing over how the Lord brought him to us. With all the threats of a genetic disorder in utero, all that remains today is one inflamed kidney.

We had an appointment with another urologist yesterday to discuss the inflammation on Micah’s kidney, and since it h

ad been over a month since his last ultrasound, I was anxious to see how concerned the doctor’s was.

3 boys

What we learned was that Micah’s kidney is growing and changing so much at this point in his young life, that the doctor has high hopes for natural [God] correction. The fact that Micah has not had any urinary tract infections or high fevers of any kind indicates that his kidney function is good (even if not perfect yet). The doctor had done his due-diligence in studying Micah’s charts and was familiar with all the details of his development and was very confident that he is on the path to complete health. He just wants to follow-up in 6 months just to make sure that his progress continues. This was such great news!



Thank you all for your prayers on Micah’s behalf and for all your encouragement along the way. We cherish Micah’s gift of health, and we thank God for the blessing of being his parents. He is a darling little boy who has brought so much joy into our home in the past 4 months that we can’t imagine our family without him. Happy birthday sweet son!


A little burden

Silas & Micah

Never before did I care so much about kidneys. Most people can go their whole lives without every really thinking about their kidneys. But I care a lot about kidneys now because my precious two month old baby Micah has a problem with one of his. We don’t know what the problem is specifically, nor how exactly its affecting his body, but we just received news a couple of days ago from Micah’s doctor that his most recent ultrasound still reflects a noticeable amount of swelling in his left kidney.

So back to the urologist we go, undoubtedly for more blood work and more ultrasounds. Unfortunately, the renal specialist we’ve been seeing for the past two months is moving across the country, so Micah is being transferred to a new specialist whose first opening is not until August first. It would seem that God is determined to refine my dependence on Him yet more.

If you were to ask me “do you trust the Lord?” of course my answer would be a resounding “yes!” And yet with this continued kidney issue, I find that my confidence in the Lord is short reaching. It is deficient and imperfect.

Silas, Micah, and Titus

When I look into my sweet little boy’s dark eyes, I can see that he trusts me; he stops crying when I hold him, he responds to my voice, he smiles when I sing to him. When he needs something, I provide it. When he wants something, I do my best to discover what it is. And with his reliance on me, I can wrongly begin to feel that I am solely responsible for his well being. Yet I should know that God is far more concerned with Micah’s well being than I could ever be.

There is so much that I cannot do, but there is nothing that is beyond the all-wise care of God Almighty. He knit my little boy together in my womb and he crafted the cells that form his kidneys (Ps. 139:13). He is not surprised by the latest report from the doctors; God is not reeling from the disappointment. That’s what I am doing.  I need to daily remind myself of Psalm 55:22, “Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved (Ps. 55:22).”

I want that kind of unmovable confidence in God. He has done plenty in Micah’s short life already to prove to me that He deserves it. I am learning to cast the burden of Micah’s health on the Lord again and again. God is certainly able to bear it, and He is more than able to sustain us all through the uncertain days ahead.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our sweet baby Micah. He is a joy to our whole family, and yet we know that he belongs to the Lord first. We will keep you updated

They Were Meant to Live for so Much More

Every day I’m reminded that my darling little Micah is a miracle from God. And half-way around the world, my dear friend Molly Yuvaraj is reminded of the same thing 19 times over again. This beautiful friend of mine and her husband Paul are the adopted parents of 19 precious little girls. These 19 girls were un-wanted by their families and left to die simply because they were little girls.
But God rescued them. And now these 19 little lives are loved and cared for by two of the most faithful and humble Christians I know.
Here’s a peek into their life.

Not only are Paul and Molly the parents of 3 sons and 19 adopted daughters, but they are also hard at work planting Harvest Bible Chapel Chennai, India. As if they were not busy enough, the Lord has gifted and burdened Paul with the desire to reach India with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul & Molly understand a very important thing; the only way to rescue India from the tragedies that grip their nation is to reach the people with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please be praying for Paul & Molly and ministry of their lives

Pray for them to be encouraged, strengthened, and steadfast in the faith

Pray for their children to embrace Jesus Christ and replicate the faith of Paul & Molly

Pray for an open door to the gospel in Chennai and for protection from persecution

God is still working

I wanted to update you all on our little miracle Micah.

Picture0422132155_1First, THANK you all for your prayers! We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of so many believers around the world. Thank you for praying. Thank you for believing that our God is able. And thank you for rejoicing with us in the life our precious little boy.

God has continued to work in little Micah’s life over the past 3 week that he has been in this world. As was mentioned before, Micah was scanned in the hospital the day after he was born, revealing he still had mild swelling on his kidneys. But since he was soiling sufficient diapers, the doctors let us take him home with follow up doctors appointments every few days. What I failed to report is that exactly one week after Micah entered our world we received a call from Micah’s pediatrician informing us that that Micah failed to pass his one-week blood test.

As we’ve been learning, an important function of the kidneys is to filter potassium and sodium. We often hear about the dangers of sodium, but what I didn’t understand before all of this is that high levels of potassium are also very dangerous. Micah’s high potassium levels began to cause a full body “twitch” that the doctor warned us, if it continued, could lead to serious long-term problems. We had to monitor his movements closely, counting the duration of each spasm. Micah’s pediatrician instructed us to take Micah to the ER immediately if: 1) he was lethargic 2) he cried without consolation for “too long” 3) he “twitched for too long” or he was 4) vomiting, constipated, or had a high fever.

Needless to say, most babies fall into the first two categories at some point during their early days, and the doctor was unable to define with any certainty what “too long” was. She said if I got the sense that he was acting abnormally, not to hesitate to take him to the hospital. And I must confess; sleep deprived and exhausted, this responsibility weighed on me like a ton of bricks. I felt overwhelmed, under-prepared, and ill-equipped for the vigilance required in caring for my precious baby boy.

And I began to wonder if Micah may never be healthy after all…

But then, at Micah’s two week test last Tuesday, the results showed that God wasn’t done intervening in the life of little Micah. In one weeks time, Micah’s levels completely balanced. Both his sodium and potassium levels were suddenly “completely normal.”

Micah at 2 weeks old
Micah at 2 weeks old

Again, God healed little Micah.

Why did I ever worry? Surely the Lord has done enough in my son’s very short life to prove to me that He is in control and that He answers prayers. And yet, I spent a week with worry and became discouraged. I took my eyes off the Lord. It took me one week to practically forget all that God had done and wonder if there wasn’t some detail of my son’s situation that God might have forgotten. How wrong of me. How very shortsighted. The Maker of the moon and stars knew about Micah’s “twitch”, and this most recent blood test is another testimony that He has, yet again, answered the prayers of two very helpless parents. God graciously gave our little boy health for another week.

And this time, I don’t want to forget.

Micah’s urologist (kidney doctor), is scheduling another ultrasound in the near future to try to uncover the reason for this change. He suspects that the balanced levels in his blood is a sign of improvement that will only strengthen with time. I don’t put my confidence in a doctor’s suspicion, but I do know that God has continually supplied for all of Micah’s needs thus far, and we can depend on Him to care for Micah’s future.

“My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips, when I remember you upon my bed, and meditate on you in the watches of the night; for you have been my help, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy. (Ps 63:5-7)”

The Lord is My Portion

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“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. (Lam. 3:24-25)

On Tuesday, April 2nd at 5:15 PM my precious little son – Micah Steven Hisayasu – entered the world. Weighing 9Lbs, 1oz and 21 inches long, he greeted us with a healthy cry proclaiming God’s goodness for all to hear. He passed 3 blood screenings with flying colors, and only showed slight swelling on the lobes of his left kidney. Micah is our very own (big) bundle of perfection. He cries and eats and snuggles just like any newborn should. And we can’t stop thanking God for him.

He has follow-up doctor’s appointments scheduled for yet another blood-test and to continue tracking the development of his kidney, but for now, he is home and he is healthy.

As I look as his sweet little face, I cannot forget what the experts said…

They said there is a large chance Micah would not survive to his first birthday or if he did, that he would be marred by Down Syndrome

They medically advised me to “terminate pregnancy”

They told me there were no treatments and no solutions for Micah’s abnormalities

Now they are saying…

Micah overcame medical probabilities

“Natural development” healed his body

Sometimes these things “just happen”

But I say…

Micah is our little miracle from God.

He is exactly as God intended him to be.

There is no cell in his body that God lost track of or forgot about.

GOD deserves all the credit for this marvelous little boy named Micah.

We are blessed beyond belief by our littlest darling, and the amount of joy he brings us knows no bounds. Titus and Silas adore their sweet baby brother as much as twin 2 year-olds can. Titus loves performing for him, kissing him, and declaring to the world “he’s looking at me” every time Micah opens his eyes. Silas prefers to leave little cars and toys in Micah’s cradle for brother to play with, and can’t go to sleep at night without saying “goodnight baby Micah.”

Thank you for your prayers

A Blessed Mom, Bekah Hisayasu

Not there yet

pregoAfter my last ultrasound, my doctor assured me that our sweet baby boy was “in the clear,” however that is not entirely true…

At 38 weeks pregnant, I had my (assumedly) last ultrasound yesterday. Today my doctor reviewed the results with me.

Though two of the three problems on my little baby boy’s body have completely disappeared, there still remains a problem with his kidneys. And in the words of my doctor, the “problem has become even more pronounced than before.” My doctor assured me that this sort of problem is not reflective of a genetic defect, but it is indicative of a developmental complication that cannot be sufficiently diagnosed or addressed until my son is born.

Because of the nature of his problem, they decided to perform a “stress test” on my little darling to affirm that he is doing well in utero, and he passed the test with flying colors. So long as he continues to pass the “stress test,” they will allow me to carry him until he makes a natural arrival (up to 2 weeks post due-date). After birth, they will perform an ultrasound on him directly to discern exactly what is wrong and how to address it.

My joy at seeing his chubby, little face on the foggy ultrasound machine screen mixes with maternal concern for my unborn son. As a mother, I want to care for my boy, protect him, and shelter him from harm, but as a finite human being, I realize that I simply don’t have the ability to rescue him from all of life’s pain. With every wiggle and kick my precious little boy makes in my tummy comes a yearning for him to be alright, and the realization that I cannot make it be alright. This has been one of the most difficult, but necessary, lesson for me to learn.

I am not strong or able, but I serve a God who is both.

I tremble at a future that I do not know, but I worship a God who knows and controls the future.

I am learning dependence on the Lord, yet I am so very slow to learn. But God is faithful to remind me. In His goodness, God has worked in my heart, while simultaneously healing so much of my little boy’s body. Both of these things are equally miraculous. Both of these things ought to move me to praise Him. I am slowly realizing that fear is a foolish feeling because I know that the Lord is good. And fear is foolish because I know that God has always sustained me through every one of life’s challenges.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! (Psalm 27:1, 13-14)”